A letter, two ideals, comment on the continuing future of Ontology and TRON

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In Chinese history, there has never already been a shortage of wise people. They’re proficient in individual nature and accustomed to strategy. In order to recognize their individual ideals, they are able to often set up a great and indisputable vision that attracts all residing beings and will become a tool for them to criticize Fang Qiu.
This wave of individuals can also be in a position to create history and achieve instant brilliance. Nevertheless, compared with the fantastic cause, the distinction is that after the wish succeeds, in the face of grand ideas, their carefully concealed desires are subjected and constructed. Good deeds are often like quicksand that cannot final.
“Fake holds true when it’s true and false”, open up the “Historical Records”, this sort of characters are endless, also it helps make individuals speechless after reading through it. It isn’t that the initiator is too clever as well as the individuals are too stupid. With such a historical view, watching the blockchain projects piled up with cold eye, as it happens that history continues to be repeating.
Blockchain, being a groundbreaking decentralized technology, breaks authority and seeks the possibility of grassroots counterattacks. It’s been shifted by countless individuals as a tool to make itself famous. As the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain, the general public string has surfaced one after another with business owners, making investors dazzled and at a loss in regards to what to do.
The pain of choice brings aesthetic fatigue. Feng Qingping thinks that the road is only easy, and the near future and potential of the project should be measured by upholding the standard of the road, as well as the long-term evaluation of the project from your dimension of value investment, seemingly complex project It will become clear.

Incidentally, Feng Qingping does not have any prejudice towards projects and individuals, in support of provides personal opinions relative to the logical thinking mode.
This short article intends to choose two hottest projects, make an effort to compare them, and reveal their different future outcomes under their different genes. This short article selects just two projects, TRON and Ontology, and starts with a letter released by them at exactly the same time to provide and refine individual views.
On the initial anniversary of the project’s mainnet launch, Ontology and TRON both issued a letter to the city with respect to the foundation. We realize that a lot of of the existing foundations, using the shell of nonprofit organizations, have fun with the part of corporate thinking that appeals to interests. Then, the letter from the foundation is very beneficial to read. It not only represents the founder’s beliefs and values, but additionally displays the microscopic thinking and confidence index of the project party. At night, the future direction of the project may also be revealed to the smiling readers and readers.
Let’s very first analyze a letter from your ontology.
A letter from Ontology was delivered from the founder, Li Jun, with a humble and sincere name. This letter is named a written report of results and a new guarantee. The letter spreads right out of the ontology in three aspects: technologies, ecology, and frontier study.
Li Jun sets his participation in the formulation of several international standards at the beginning of the article, which shows his cheering and exhilaration. Looking at the world, this is certainly worthy of satisfaction. The third-rate competitors is based on analog criteria, the second-rate competitors is based on the execution of standards, as well as the first-rate competitors lies in the development of standards. Standing on the higher ground of the industry, when you can participate in the development of standards, you can go out with a big giggle, and you have already won the opportunity.
The letter focuses more on the core achievements of the technology. It states that it entails the underlying technologies of the blockchain, especially the obstructive technology that impede the development, such as sharding, cross-chain, digital machines, smart agreement formal verification and compilers , Trustworthy and protected computing and other areas, have made essential progress, and the entire infrastructure system has reached the forefront of the world. Pay attention to the use of words. It’s the forefront of reasonable attitudes, not the initial of exaggeration.
The letter also depicts exciting scenes, however in a more subtle and subtle way. It states to have finished the distributed Identification system-ONT ID, includes a framework to connect global diverse data sources, fully upgraded the distributed data exchange process, and built a relatively complete distributed collaboration platform that supports various business situations .
This text tells the reader that Ontology is an entity-based project, and its ecosystem is gradually taking shape. The project has the situations for landing, has landing use instances and recognition, and will quickly make use of the massive consumer portal and decrease users. Transform the threshold and enhance the effectiveness of linking with traditional Web and blockchain such as WeChat, Weibo, Facebook and Twitter.
As a worldwide project, the improvement of internationalization has attracted interest. In the letter, Ontology explained its suggestions and procedures for global followers to get Ontology’s base camp in any corner. Let us obviously note that its international neighborhood Fruitful progress.
Overall, this letter is a very orthodox letter, conveying the simple ideals ??of laying the foundation for development of a project. In accordance with its co-founder Ji Zhoudong, Ontology will form its brand picture in four major areas through numerous explorations: technologies Top, development-friendly, user-friendly, and commercially recognized. In Li Jun’s beliefs of thinking, the ontology is upholding the vision of “prepared for businesses”, insisting on “substance-oriented” and “bursting the overall game with technologies”, fighting gradually, not seeking aggressiveness, and developing walls quite higher. The Confucian doctrine of the fantastic mean of slowly accumulating food and slowly getting king, after the momentum is set up, the moat should be very strong.
Through this letter, investors feel the sense of steadiness brought by the accumulation of the project. We are able to continuously assess its investment value by paying attention to its progress. That is in line with the thinking logic of a cost investor. For the moment, I will not go in to the technical details, ecological improvement, neighborhood governance, and marketplace expansion related to the development of the project. On the tabs on the public string just like the crucian carp, as well as the founder’s low-key and pragmatic thinking, rigorous and comprehensive considerations, technological and reasonable Techniques and useful execution are most likely also the decision of many long-term investors.

Let’s switch to a letter from TRON.
A profound perception would be that the style of painting is abruptly different. Justin Sun’s letter on his individual Weibo started with a big banner ad: Decentralizing the web, just like reading through its white document, makes people experience very thrilled. The frequently showing up words such as the first as well as the world’s largest radiate solid subjective thinking.
Justin Sun imitated Sun Yat-sen to propose the brand new Three Principles of individuals, namely, name, guideline of the people, and pleasure of the people, claiming that “An Internet that is owned by the people, ruled by the people, and enjoyed by the people is the true home of the web.” Between your lines is full of deep-seated hatred and excited rebellion The situation, the prospective of rebellion is the traditional Internet companies which are the kings and patrons, including Alibaba behind Jack Ma, the teacher of Lakeside College who is a gimmick.
As soon as this statement came out, we would undoubtedly hyperlink it to Sun Yat-sen, the creator of the Republic of Cina, who overthrew the imprisonment of human rights and backward and decadent Manchuria, and overthrew the large responsibility of the traditional Web, which had the energy to monopolize the infringement of private rights. Justin Sun, who is worried about the people, appears to be the next founding father of the Three Principles of individuals on the Internet.
However, after scanning this letter, it seems that this isn’t the case.
The letter proposed the rapid expansion of its team, thinking that ¨it is expected that the team will reach 600 people in 2019, and a competent execution and a worldwide 24*7 online team is the basis for all telling development.〃 We quite disagree with this particular view because I have to understand Whether there is a solid and unified cultural program in the fast-growing team, otherwise everything will be a cloud. Upon this issue, Huobi’s lessons learned are stunning.
The letter listed a lot of data with great emotion, compared various data of TRON with some hot projects, and concluded that TRON has surpassed.
In fact, numerous data analysis websites and media often do comparable things. In Feng Qingping’s view, the authenticity and value of many data are open to question.
We know that many public stores, including Ontology, are trying their best to expand their ecology. Facing developers, they attempt their best to attract all kinds of incentives. In a word, the developers that are attracted frequently have a common brand: scalloped wool.
The general public chain ecology needs prosperity, but prosperity is made on the dimension of solving rigid needs, instead of rushing to receive rewards. WeChat and Toutiao are hot apps. It seems that no one inspired them to build up or compensated their development. Essentially, they were delivered out of these deep social insights and had been delivered to solve a pain point. On the other hand, the sensation of composing sorrow for fresh words is everywhere. Ethereum currently includes a lot of data that’s not leading, but it does not prevent it from still being one of the most trusted and safe public chain systems for large establishments. Not only TRON, but this is also the dilemma of numerous current projects. TRON is nothing more than Shen Ke.
Excellent DAPP requires investment, but does not require rewards. Excellent DAPP must end up being incubated to stand out, but cannot be induced by income. From this perspective, the current active DAPPs on the general public chain are certainly mixed, and even pseudo-demand is mostly. As for some data, we can even figure it out boldly. It is very likely that we have tried each and every possible methods to transform it.
In this letter, I used to be only impressed by the acquisition of a decentralized senior project BitTorrent, that is an extremely valuable and technologically-precipitated project, and the essential means for recognizing TRON’s vision: technical Improvement, little ink.
If you wish to collect the main element words of this letter, you can basically list: good data, acquisition, celebrity, charitable organisation sponsorship, repurchase. These words, around a core, are to do everything achievable to expand the city, to increase visitors without bargain, to be the first Internet superstar, in a simple summary, to put into action the vision relative to the thinking model of creating Internet celebs and using funds operations. Realize.
Justin Sun’s radical approach made me involuntarily think of Qinchi Winery, which was once the champ of CCTV in “The Great Shed” by Wu Xiaobo.
We realize that TRON, actually, Sun Justin’s vision is to become a creator, constructor and evangelist within a decentralized autonomous ecosystem. Note that the vision here and the initial white paper has evolved, as well as the positioning can be broader and abstract.
Nevertheless, with regards to how to realize this magnificent vision, Justin Sun did not use technology to crack the overall game and take the usual path just like the main body did. Rather, he was fresh and unconventional. By frequently creating media hotspots, he actually did not be reluctant to touch porcelain one after another to create traffic hotspots. personality. This time around I met Warren Buffett, trying to create a dialogue with investors in traditional industrial sectors through this advertising event, and be the chief representative of the web celebrity evangelist of the blockchain. Nevertheless, in Feng Qingping’s view, this time does the right issue. If something will go wrong, the wrong person is selected. If Justin Sun is replaced, it’s estimated that the positive effect will be better for that promotion of the blockchain as well as the Token economic climate. Justin Sun is not a good instance.
Public chain projects require technology, ecology, governance, and advertising. However, if advertising is taken as the primary task, it appears to be always a move to the finish, increasing the likelihood of rapid development and rapid destruction for that project.
In a few forums that Feng Qingping participated in, wherever the wave line of business appeared, the god-making movement was very obvious, as well as the family portrait of Justin Sun was submitted and hung in a big scale, just since it did on its website, constantly trying to press it to some sacred position.
The network launched in April 2019 states to provide unlimited expansion capabilities for that TRON main network, and the title of the network is also called after Justin Sun’s surname SUN.
From a advertising point of view, they are understandable actions, but from the point of view of the vision it wants to create, it is more embarrassing. THE BRAND NEW Three People’s Principles it claims are trying to create a totally decentralized real Web, but it is artificially trying to press its founder Justin Sun towards the altar and be a god-like figure. The everyday living of reasonable paradoxes helps it be problematic for us to be confident in it.
From this we can note that Justin Sun is a person worth studying and scrutinizing with regards to money-making abilities. After Tron and BTT issuance two times, coupled with the high-level cash-in low-level funds harvesting operation, he’s got already attained that. Small objectives, become a rich person.
Nevertheless, from TRON’s strategy, we can also precisely judge that Justin Sun is a person who promotes the extreme self of personal battle, a combination of libertarianism and egoism, with radical strategies, varied strategies, and decentralization. The vision of transformation is just a banner ad it borrows to realize its individual ideals in existence.
A TRON that will not emphasize piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy in order to enhance its connotation, but first seeks to draw the eyebrows and draw the phoenix to be beautiful and charming.

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin (Vitalik Buterin) and cryptocurrency reporter Laura Shin (Laura Shin) discussed Ethereum together, said that when TRON creator Justin sun’s TRON After successfully surpassing Ethereum, this individual “will eventually lose some hope for mankind.”
In fact, when there is such a day, Feng Qingping believes that it’s in no way only this technical genius who is disappointed with individual justice.
Jobs founded Apple and redefined the cellular phone, but the first letter at the beginning of the iPhone modestly used the lowercase I. The reason why Bitcoin is indeed powerful is the fact that its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, forgotten himself and founded no-self. Greatness is definitely the result, not the goal. Chinese Confucianism stresses morality and meritorious deeds. Moral is the very first, merit is in the middle, and words are the last.
The general public chain business in the pure sense of blockchain is not a business. Just people with Bodhisattva’s center and thunderbolt can make it. The core requirement is still to have nonprofit thinking and abandon the given individual to achieve the greater self. A decentralized system needs the advertising of centralization, but it doesn’t need the shaping of the centralized god.
At the moment when blockchain projects provide a decentralized pattern, which projects can truly practice fundamentalism, as ordinary investors, it is impossible to check them one at a time. However, through such a letter, from your line, we can also Approximately discover its clues, and initially assess the direction of the project due to the personality characteristics of its founders. For individuals, personality determines destiny. For projects, the personality of the creator will implant individual genes into the project culture and determine The development direction and development bottleneck of the project.
Still taking the aforementioned two projects as examples, provided the pragmatic and low-key ideals ??of the founder of Ontology, the project gene is bound to affect the strategic planning and tactical execution of the project. We’ve reason to believe that the near future winners will be similar to the design of Ontology. Produced in the project. As for TRON, in view of the faction of its creator, the Internet superstar, as well as the desire for quick success, its team structure must not be stable enough, and the foundation must not be solid enough. Though it is not poor money, it can also create a consensus effect of gathering people who react to it. Nonetheless it may possibly not be able to go to the finish. Money is among the dimensions that determines the future of the future. The core competitors is still the competition of ideals. When it reaches the team level, it’s the competitors of culture. It really is problematic for TRON to form a healthy, positive and positive ethnic system.
TRON has engaged in a series of actions, that is dazzling. Nevertheless, in Feng Qingping’s view, Justin Sun, who proclaims the brand new Three People’s Principles, appears to be close to the innovator of innovation, as well as the blood of the previous aristocratic paradigm is still moving in his bone fragments, a complete one. A highly informed, secular, radical and refined egoist.
For investors, this is also among the criteria for judging and distinguishing long-term value investment and short-term speculation.


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