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Talking about contract investing: the swap will die unless you get the contract, and die prompt if you obtain the contract

Contract trading is the nice pastry within the eyes of the exchange, and everything parties are competing for entrance. However, you can find very few that can really experiment.Contract trading is also a “solution to obtain wealthy” by many retail investors. Nevertheless, after all, there are still several who obtain rich.For exchanges and traders, is…

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Nobel laureate Eric Maskin: Blockchain can protect privacy, but Bitcoin is not ideal for macroeconomics

In the next bout of “Searching for the energy of Blockchain” on August 13, Professor Eric Maskin of Harvard University and Chen Long, Secretary-General of Luohantang, discussed the operation of blockchain technology on the market and the mechanism , Information asymmetry, signalling along with other economic issues. Professor Maskin first offered an entire lecture around…

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