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The weakness of individual nature can give birth to a huge industry. The real winners belong to those developers who combine the weak points of human nature with the benefits of blockchain technologies itself.
Whenever we open the DAppRadar ranks, we will discover that DApps have almost been dominated simply by gambling games. Among the EOS DApps, three of the very best six are gaming video games, and five of the very best six TRON are usually gambling games, as well as the checklist is endless. Therefore there’s a saying that “gaming feeds the complete blockchain market”.

After playing for such a long time and smashing so much money, but just in exchange for such a bunch of applications, lots of people can’t help but sneer at it. But as a experienced who has been around the Internet industry for ten years, I want to say several words and phrases for these betting DApps, and out of this, I will explain my views on the near future direction of the complete DApp.
Gaming is also consumer demand. Some people think that Gaming is targeted at the weak point of human nature, which is not a noble thing. Weighed against the use of tools such as drawing, video, search, etc., gambling video games can not bring real help to people, and can not create actual value, so it’s not worth boasting and promoting. If these moralists are usually permitted to judge, they will even be charged with “addiction and mental degeneration” and need that all gaming games be banned and banned.

How to deal with these views?
We should admit: What gaming is really aiming at may be the weakness of human nature-people are greedy, and they always want to use their small to expand. But what I want to say is that it’s not shameful to make a fuss concerning the weakness of individual nature.
Moralists expect everyone to exercise strict self-discipline and make use of saints seeing that their standard to restrain themselves. However, a country might have a couple of saints, but the entire country is saints, and there is absolutely no one on the planet after thousands of years of background. The reality is that you will be the emperor and you’ll be arrogant and extravagant. Folks who are full of cash will also have various interests and selfish desires. Although moralists perform their best to ban gaming, they need to admit that gambling is also a user’s need, because behind it corresponds to individual greed, and the ones who provide gaming services just eventually meet this need.
First of all, we admit that this weakness of individual nature can’t be stifled. Even though moralists want to sublimate individuals into gods, this step is like tugging one’s own hair and wanting to head to heaven. It will drive individuals crazy and eventually fall short. After acknowledging this, let’s look at it once again. Every progress nowadays is actually related to the weak point of human nature.
For example, tools are invented because of laziness, finance is invented because of greed, entertainment is invented because of spying… Various specialists are clamoring concerning the subverted Web each day. Isn’t in addition, it a good way to satisfy individual weakness?
Web explosive applications as well as the “greed, rage, ignorance, and ignorance” inside human nature. Once you talk about the Internet, you have to talk about WeChat. Once you talk about WeChat, Zhang Xiaolong will be indispensable. Zhang Xiaolong developed WeChat with one hands. It is said that many Web people, especially those people who have company cable connections with WeChat, hang a family portrait of Zhang Xiaolong at work. They visit each morning and night time, and visit the tribute to pray before the edition goes live, wishing that the product is as well-known as WeChat.
Zhang Xiaolong once shared within Tencent that the product must knowledge the “greed, hatred and ignorance” of individual nature, and the product will call users when it satisfies individual nature. I’ve explained in detail the five weak points of human nature in the column of 36kr KaiKr “12 Advertising Thoughts That Move Human Nature”: greed, laziness, vanity, prying, and lust. The nearer the product feature would be to the weak point of human nature, the easier it really is for users to understand. Right here, I will give out.
Greed is paying less and getting more. In the early times, Taobao omitted offline channels and lowered the price tag on goods. Thus, its core feature is low prices, which just satisfies the greed in individual nature. Based on cheapness, put forward “True, Righteous and Quick”. Not merely satisfies greed, but also satisfies vanity (genuine) and laziness (fast). In fact, whether it’s online e-commerce or offline offering, almost always focus on the concept of “purchase good goods at low prices”, and then begin to develop other characteristics, which shows the energy of human nature.

Discounts and total reductions will be the two magic weapons to hit the greed of mankind. Every year on Double Eleven, countless Chinese people wait for the countdown to 0 o’clock. They would like to purchase items below 50% off. Every year on Black Friday, there are long queues in main foreign stores, and exactly the same is true. With regards to full discounts, Regular Youxian once released super-value special discounts for new users of 99 minus 80. As soon as the news was announced, it had been broadly disseminated in WeChat organizations, Moments of Buddies, and major price cut information forums.
In fact, just looking profitable can hit people’s greed. The American article writer William Poundstone revealed the psychological mystery behind the purchase price in the guide “Invaluable”. One of these is called the “anchor effect”. People have no feeling of cost. When an anchor is designed, users could have a sense of cost. We still get the Xiaomi mobile phone for example. The most impactful facet of the first era of Xiaomi mobile phone conference may be the cost of the mobile phone. At that time, compared with popular Android phones, when the performance is similar, the price tag on Xiaomi will be 1999 yuan. Price is seriously rooted in the hearts of individuals.
Weighed against traditional services, Web services just greatly enhance efficiency. However, it really is precisely because of the difference in effectiveness that creates massive commercial value. Se’s have improved the initial approach to retrieving info, e-commerce has enhanced the effectiveness of commodity blood circulation, and social items have enhanced the efficiency of earning friends, but these have developed the three Web companies with the best market worth in China, such as Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent.
Snooping is normally called gossip. Everyone gets the center of gossip. Gossip and ribbons news have almost supported entertainment and sports information. A major feature of the rise of Weibo may be the ability to get close to celebrities and celebrities. Marketing points symbolized by gossip and interviews tend to be more common in the media industry. For example, “Job interview with Luyu” is a talk show that interviews celebrities and celebrities, and “Nurturing Gossip Growth Organization” is now renamed “Guan Ba” to go serious behind the gossip entertainment stars. story.
Whether younger or previous, whether in the town or in the country, whether inside work or inside entertainment, almost everyone has a desire to snoop. Thus, content symbolized by snooping may become the feature of many items. At the beginning of the look of Maimai “Place of work Gossip”, people inside and outside the company learned about the business from another degree, which is also to satisfy people’s desire for prying.
Why are Meitu products so popular? Why perform smart phones fortify the camera function? There is vanity behind. Someone once used the word “delivery” to conclude the core of most Tencent’s business. In the circle of friends and QQ room, all kinds of journey, beauty, and gifts are displayed on the surface. In fact, what they want to convey is “I’m better than others. “I’m rich”, “I’m more wonderful than other folks”, “I’m popular than other folks”, all of these use “proportion” to fulfill one’s vanity. Baidu Motu’s “PK Big Espresso”, “Enclose Nervous Kitty”, and “Aircraft Wars” are used to accomplish “sun” in the social circle of friends.
This is actually the most primitive desire of mankind. Zhou Hongyi, Chairman and CEO of Qihoo 360, distributed a case when a consumer seen a pornographic website having a Trojan equine (a Trojan equine virus identifies a particular Trojan equine program to control another personal computer). 360 Protection Guards obstructed the access many times in order to carry on the visit. For this web site, users need to delete the security guard. Currently lust provides surpassed the necessity for safety.
This is also true for internet sites. I believe that sociable products are mainly divided into sociable acquaintances and sociable connections with strangers. The product for sociable acquaintances in China is WeChat. WeChat provides replaced mobile phone numbers because the chosen communication device between individuals and the only social networking device for strangers. Requirement is appointment, and this is lust. Thus, we see that whether it’s Momo, Tantan, or some other apps related to developing relationships between individuals, they are nearly all related to lust. The sizzling field before two years-live broadcast may be the exact same. Beauty live broadcast may be the most significant category of live broadcast. Whether it’s Glory of the Kings, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, LOL, DOTA2, the eye of beauty live playing games considerably surpasses that of expert players. Similarly, there are novels, games, movies…
The closer the product would be to the weakness of human nature, the simpler it is to become popular. In short, the nearer to the weak point of human nature, the easier it really is to pleasant the product. All popular Web products, whether it’s WeChat, Tmall, JD, Xiaomi, 360, or takeaway, Toutiao, Douyin, and Kuaishou, all stem from the certain weak point in human nature.
The popularity of gambling DApps is also because of the individual weakness of “greed”. Essentially, that is no not the same as looking forward to the midnight of dual eleven at nighttime on November 10, and grabbing your favorite items below 50% in the first time; that is no not the same as the start of the first era of Xiaomi cell phones. Obtaining the F code and buying a good phone with a very high cost efficiency is no different; it really is no not the same as taking right out 60 minus 30, online shopping prices are low, snapping up Yu’e Bao that is much higher than the present one, buying numerous financial management… Each is greed, each is individual nature. With the needs of real users, it is possible to turn into a massive industry, as well as the weak point of individual nature has become the fundamental reason for the rapid growth of DApp.
In fact, in the annals of Web growth, chess and cards will always be a part that can’t be overlooked. Games are usually Tencent’s most significant income, and Tencent’s video games are developed detail by detail from casual video games.
In 2003, a video gaming platform called Lianzhong had a huge impact on Tencent, and defeating Lianzhong established Tencent’s kingship in the video gaming industry. However, to this day, Tencent, which has large-scale online flash games such as Glory of the King, Crossfire, and League of Legends, and games such as Happy Landlord and Happy Mahjong are still among Tencent’s most energetic game classes. They purchase Happy Beans and purchase props. Killing the Quartet has turned into a basic requirement for many Tencent users.
Tencent’s games are only area of the huge board game market. Almost every region has a chess and card video game that is hottest with individuals in that area. This sort of video game is as several as the stars in the sky. As for offline, this sort of video game activities are a lot more extraordinary. For example, Chengdu, that is referred to as the “Mahjong Funds”, is inseparable from Mahjong, whether it’s flooded or earthquakes, whether it’s an old man or a sucker.

The difference between DApp and Internet application and the reason why through the above content, I tried to inform: 1. Greed is a weakness that can’t be eradicated by individual nature, and gaming is the basic needs of users; 2. Killer items are usually rooted in individual weakness and basic needs.
Now, let’s talk about the blockchain world again.
I often like to compare the blockchain world with the Internet world. THE WEB improves effectiveness by changing info transmission strategies and better meets user needs; correspondingly, blockchain solves the problem of value definition and value transmission. So in accordance with this idea, we can make an evaluation of the current blockchain applications.
In my opinion, the current blockchain applications have strong value exchange properties. The electronic forex itself is a extremely good value exchange scenario where value circulates freely. In addition, the current mainstream DApps essentially have a strong value exchange color.
The current popular gambling game is a typical example. Essentially, the overall game of gaming is to quickly complete the worthiness exchange in a brief period of your time, with little gains and fast results. Many gaming games also have added the unique “mining” color of the blockchain to further complete the blood circulation and exchange of value, that is no not the same as the “trading is mining” exchange model directed by FCoin. Pixel video games and various animal breeding games furthermore basically conform to the basic logic of value exchange.
Compared with Web games, the form of blockchain betting games has gone through tremendous changes, which have a lot to perform with the current blockchain users, developers, as well as the performance of the general public chain.
From your perspective of user groups, both TRON and EOS have high thresholds. The thresholds for knowing wallet address, energy, and mortgage have become high. The essential Internet experience of “normal people can use” is becoming ordinary users’ participation. The biggest obstacle to blockchain video games.
Therefore, a lot of the current DApp users are users who’ve been deeply mixed up in blockchain in 2017 and 2018. These people have a simple understanding of the rules of the blockchain and so are easier to make use of. Having experienced the last round of bull marketplace, seeing individuals who doubled in a single day and take off in one time, they are extremely gambling. These people only need simple stimulation, chasing ups and downs, and it will take effect immediately. Thus, typically the most popular dice video game is nothing more than buying big, purchasing small, and getting good results immediately. This is no not the same as buying a coin inside a bull marketplace and viewing the rise and fall immediately.
From your developer’s perspective, individuals who enter the marketplace at this time are basically workshop-style developers, independent developers, a little team of three or five people, basically only ten people, and the amount of developers is normally not high. After all, to develop a game of Doudizhu (three individuals), Mahjong (four individuals), and Texas (multiplayer) games needs more complicated logic, a longer growth process, and much more time. Also important may be the present situation of users analyzed above. What bettors pursue may be the enjoyment of gambling. On the contrary, the complex video game process weakens this enjoyment to some extent. The complete DApp market is still in its infancy.
Of course, compared with the Internet, systems such as EOS and TRON have very low performance and experience, and so are far from the typical used by regular people. The prerequisite for the automobile explosion must be the perfection of the street. With the better public string interviews as well as the admission of more top quality developers, the form of DApps changes greatly. We will wait and find out.
The continuing future of DApp Why will DApp explode in the serious bear? The most direct reason is: the introduction of high-performance open public chains such as EOS and TRON provides laid the foundation for the introduction of DApps. This is equal to the introduction of the Internet in the 1990s, and many people suddenly uncovered many possibilities, such as instant messaging, BBS, portal internet site, and e-commerce.
Now Gaming DApp has opened a hole in user needs. Some people have begun to comprehend DApp, make use of DApp, and develop DApp. However, the popularity of gambling video games is closely related to the current open public chain performance, consumer characteristics, and builder constraints. As these factors gradually change in the foreseeable future, DApps within the blockchain will definitely take on new forms.
No one can accurately predict what the near future DApp can look like, just like at the end of the 20th millennium, no one could have imagined that an instant messaging device called qq would sweep across China, and then WeChat, a more terrifying instant messaging tool, seems. Thinking of shopping, taxiing, ordering foods, and playing games on the telephone…
But I believe that this weakness of individual nature can give birth to a huge industry. The essence of the killer application would be to focus on the “greed, hatred and ignorance” of individual nature. Therefore, not merely should we not really criticize gaming DApps, we ought to furthermore follow this type of thinking and believe more.
At the same time, we have furthermore seen that lots of developers make an effort to copy the applications on the Internet to the blockchain, such as the blockchain version of WeChat, the blockchain version of Taobao… But I think that this blockchain will definitely Born something of your own, those attempts to duplicate will eventually fall short. The real winners belong to those developers who combine the weak points of human nature with the benefits of blockchain technologies itself.
Lastly, blockchain technology will, like the Internet, produce dimensionality reduction episodes on traditional industries. With this attack, the general public chain is a firearm and DApp will be ammunition.


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