A turning point in the crypto world, a new scenario in the overall game between great powers

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China’s top frontrunners, the primary elites from the celebration, and people of the highest authority have concentrated on studying blockchain and place the tone of “primary technology, accelerated development”, which is probably unique on the planet. On the other hand, Zuckerberg’s caution in Libra’s recent hearing in response to a congressional questioning is “the risk of non-innovation… Cina will be extremely fast…”, the all-round and multidimensional confrontation between the two superpowers of Cina and the United States, the focus currently Focus on “blockchain”.
This short article is split into four parts. The Lanlian believe tank team tried to start to see the leopard through the historical scroll and take notice of the historical process.
The initial part is a turning point in history. Forward this content broadcast by Xinhua News Agency in full text in the form of pictures + videos.
The next part is policy interpretation. Interpretation and study of the existing public news.

The 3rd part is the game of great powers. Analyze the essential situation from the large power game in the crypto world.
The fourth part is approximately individual opportunities and challenges. In the current encryption business, the combination of aspects and individual development prospects following the background switch.
Part 1: A turning point in history
The 18th Collective Study from the Political Bureau from the Main Committee (Atlas)

Understanding video screenshot

The next part is policy interpretation.
Interpretation from the policy must not be infected from the team atmosphere. In a group, a person’s IQ level can only just be add up to or less than the average level, and thus get rid of their own common sense ability, because many people are in a different industry circle, and the team reaction of exactly the same circle. It will often reduce the precision of their personal judgments and even result in blind obedience. The interpretation from the policy should be self-employed and deliberate.
Let’s look at a few key phrases. Core technology, self-employed innovation, a significant breakthrough.
Core Technology. Blockchain technology is not fresh, it isn’t a new technology newly invented at the moment, but it should be among the primary technologies using a heavier pounds in the technology group linked to tactical competition between nations, and other technology that may be strengthened collectively to produce superimposed effects, including AI, 5G, IoT (Internet of Issues), quantum conversation and edge computing, etc. The best level issued an teaching that it would never lose sight of one or the other. It simply revealed a positive indication that China’s investment in cutting-edge technology will continue to raise, and in high-energy-consumption and high-pollution industrial sectors that need to speed up the reduction of heavy air pollution. It will be even more restricted through the policy and funds level (for now, this is actually the determination from the high-level), and large-scale industrial subsidies may be transferred to rising areas.
Innovation. In the early times of blockchain technology (and today over-the-counter), it initially belonged to encryption technology, currency, asset lovers and investors. It had been a globalized borderless anti-regulatory technology and application. What type of situation is “self-employed innovation” here? For example, the “main bank digital currency” is currently absolutely leading the planet! Central bank electronic currency is named more often, and CBDC may be called more.
This message released by the very best management today is the first time in history that it’s been systematic, clarified, and centralized to propose clear support at the core vocabulary of blockchain. In this regard, the Lanlian believe tank believes that it’s not only through the guidance, but additionally from the entire administrative system and even the legislative program to reveal the support at the blockchain industry, and concentrate power and assets (currently whatsoever levels of administrative All units have project cases that cooperate with private blockchain technology groups/companies, but they are characterized by “single program”, “regionalization”, and “difficult synchronization”. The follow-up top-down promotion is expected to modification this Advancement trajectory) in order to achieve “accelerated development”, it will effectively advertise knowledge-intensive and high-technology-intensive blockchain “self-employed innovation”. Through the collision of the entire high-tech sector, Chinese language IT designers and blockchain technology teams can total it independently, just like Huawei’s patents and products, just like Beidou routing. In the future, if sweater friction or other escalation of confrontation leads to foreign exchange control and cross-border obligations, there is no need to be worried about the disconnection and downtime of the united states dollar payment program.
An important breakthrough. Combined with competition among major powers in the global environment, after Dongfeng 41 and Dongfeng 17 possess offset the influence of THAAD, the geopolitical pattern of Northeast Asian countries is temporarily stable. Originally, the sizzling war had been the latter after all choices were exhausted and powerless. Prior to this, the PK and staggered superiority between major countries should be the redistribution from the fruits of global economic development as well as the struggle and retention of investment hot money. The specific situation is the prices power from the dominant currency and economic climate, along with the arrangement channel. In even more specific terms, it is CDBC.
At present, there are many so-called cross-border payment solutions that are legal or reconciled with supervision, as well as the so-called low-cost cross-border payment cooperation between licensed finance institutions is actually the legal bank operating system and the existing compliant financial market standards between nations. Into the program. As a major country that currently has a considerably lead in neuro-scientific legal digital currency in the main bank, China will not give up or even weaken this first-mover advantage, which has become a consensus among high-level and private people. However, there is currently no transaction and circulation program based on main bank/legal digital currency on the planet. So this goes back to what the very best leader mentioned, “We should strengthen the research of blockchain standardization, and enhance the international tone of voice and rule-making power.”
Is it possible to have this assumption? In the first stage, the promotion of CDBC in the experimental area may be used as an area priority performance assessment indicator for a period in the foreseeable future. The KPI pounds is comparable to the previous property or industrial subsidies or family planning or environmental security and emission decrease, etc., as an interval Priority assessment indications within;
The next stage may be promoted in the first-tier and coastal developed cities or policy-rich areas;
In the third stage, it is possible to advertise the Belt and Road Initiative with the BRIC countries along with other domestic regions except the first and second stages.
This promotion will never be in the sense of shouting slogans. It is possible to incorporate the existing bank payment program and bank transfer system under the general construction of CDBC. This actions and action is going to be very, extremely fast, and quickly China could become the world’s number one. In nations that fully assistance mathematical legal currency at the national level, money banknotes is only going to be used as transaction vouchers for underdeveloped places and some open public services that have not really yet had time to reform. Isn’t it amazing?
The 3rd part is the game of great powers.
With regards to the encrypted world constructed from the blockchain, the global camp is divided.
Because of its inherent privacy security and anti-regulatory functions (cash laundering and terrorist funding are the primary criticisms), leading developed nations and large developing nations (China, the United States, Japan and Britain, etc.) possess joined the blockchain on a big scale. In the early stages from the economic system, the attitudes of strict guidance, development restrictions, and even crackdowns were adopted. However, in neuro-scientific technological development, major nations have been buying R&D and verifying projects. Alternatively, many endogenous developments lack the depth and understand of sustainable development, and island nations and small nations that have very little possibility of overtaking in the current world economic framework, forego all constraints and urban construction, and completely support the introduction of the blockchain business (even more Issuance of electronic currency dealings, etc.), such as Malta, Poland, Seychelles, Rwanda, Gibraltar, Switzerland (exceptions, monetary technology), Singapore (environmentally friendly development issues), Indonesia, Vietnam and offshore taxes havens in the Caribbean, etc. , Plus some nations and regions are considering confronting U.S. sanctions (this Zuckerberg listening to, among Xiaozha’s arguments would be that the United Claims’ indecision will result in the increased loss of sanctions in the foreseeable future). Develop encrypted electronic currencies to bypass the siege and interception of monetary systems dominated by the United States, such as Iran, Venezuela, and Russia.
International competition emphasizes late-mover advantage and determination, in addition to first-mover and first-mover advantage. For example, China’s infrastructure in helpful African nations, the Tanzania-Zambia Railway is a symbolic representation and signpost of Sino-African camaraderie for decades, and later open public service facilities such as streets, railways, bridges, international airports, schools, clinics, etc., such as assistance in the building of large-scale energy mines Supporting industrial sectors, such as providing low-interest or zero-interest loans in RMB, are sources of wide-spread support in non-influence and in the US. With regards to cross-border transaction and trade comfort that benefit the planet, China’s CDBC may give priority to providing excellent infrastructure, fix everyone’s actions and cognition, and increase future switching systems (Libra, JPMcoin (Goldman Sachs released earlier this year) The electronic currency that depends on the internal blood flow from the ecology, relying on the cost of about 9 trillion US bucks / yr of cross-border transaction, etc.), furthermore increases the obtainable and controllable bargaining potato chips of international competition and camp framework. This may be this is of “self-employed innovation” mentioned in the last interpretation.
The fourth part is individual challenges and opportunities.
The “individual” here’s in contrast to the state apparatus, not merely identifies individuals, but all types of institutions, organizations, teams, and natural persons except the state program.
After the “turning point”, the application scenarios of blockchain technology along with other high-tech superimpositions may undertake a lot of new policy support and financial support for technological innovation. On the one hand, it could undertake large-scale monetary policies that are removed from backward creation capacity. The gift package, on the other hand, can include the shot of new authorities guidance funds, and it may also be a “listing settlement” in the stock market.
What is “list arrangement”?
After the “turning point”, state-owned capital and supervision will get into the market in batches. This can be a very obvious indication that the state won’t allow the private sector to “disturb the monetary order” in a variety of forms (make reference to the current partnership between the bank operating system as well as the “underground bank operating system”).
Let’s go through the recent situation in a few industries.
Alipay and WeChat actively and highly banned the platform’s digital currency withdrawal payment channels, that is, OTC providers. Although this has always been the grey part, and many people are tacitly aware, actually, the existing regulator’s blow to the amount of money laundering industry string is as small as the withdrawal of funds. As long as there is a small part of the cash involved, the entire chain will be closed. Digital currency investors who operate debris and withdrawals could have a deeper understanding. That is one aspect.
In addition, the public security network supervision department might need to verify the blockchain provider report list (the second batch) on web site. Filing is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it provides admission tickets to formal technology development enterprises. Alternatively, it implements factual guidance for the procedure of the company after filing, that is, “licensed.” Indirectly, it also increases the cost of wicked and the cost of success for companies that continue to be energetic on the monitor. All this actually means a major benefit for today’s national policy. Actually, it is actually good for the encrypted electronic currency ecosystem and different blockchains or districts. The grey, black, and illegal industrial sectors that disrupt business purchase, suspected of illegal fundraising, illegal storage, cash laundering, smuggling, and even terrorist attacks, implemented from the cloak of blockchain technology, may promote top-down focusing on from the blockchain + “Three antis and five antis” in the monetary field.
In other words, the existing “turning point” isn’t a direct and significant benefit for the principal and secondary marketplaces from the blockchain industry, but for the entire blockchain industry chain, specifically the medium and long-term parts that may be closely included with the real economy. The development is a major benefit, not forgetting the entire electronic asset issuance deal (circle B), which is based on the theoretical sources of monetary independence, Hayek’s “Denationalization of Currency”, along with a primary gene from the blockchain “decentralization” “Within this historic event, the reason why was not mentioned once.
Regarding the top leader, many people are acquainted with a famous saying, “Don’t look at you getting a lot of fun today, be careful to pull the list in the foreseeable future.” For that reason, on the monitor (blockchain digital asset industry), various group leaders, various family members, various disks, numerous models, numerous CX living space and development time period have been severely compressed from the “switching point” due to the involvement of the regular army It will inevitably result in licensed operation, and it’ll inevitably produce all-round transparency of guidance. The previous grey will fade, as well as the guidance pressure through the normalized procedure of the government will become even more transparent. The companies, individuals, and people that caused severe mass incidents prior to the project as well as the team may be held accountable if they possess or didn’t leave the case, that is, “list arrangement” (make reference to Heshen, etc.). Even though there is no wicked, the tax management agency will develop new tax resources. “Licensed (automagically)” exchanges (the Pheasant Swap may usher in its last glory) cannot fail to cooperate in providing KYC to clients.
Back to the individual, traditional industries want “+blockchain”, knowledge provider organizations need to quickly create a group that masters blockchain technology understanding, and all workers learn to expert link and provider skills; personal change, in the event that you resisted the despise blockchain before , You may want to reset your mentality. Starting from nothing, no crypto/tech currency enthusiast/designer will let you know that the data and skills he has perfected can be perfected in two times or a 7 days.
Thankfully, the blueprint distributed by the senior management includes “heavy integration with the real economy.” People/groups who’ve mastered the procedure and management skills of the real economy in the original economy or the traditional Internet can forego prejudice in the period of blockchain (if prejudices are not derived from fear of technology but from numerous gray or illegal activities in Cina The application of blockchain + finance (CX, scam, scams or investment failing, etc.), will it be odd?), maintain your eyes open, and become highly consistent with the main government, and have the same benefits after the mixture.
The above is an interpretation and analysis from the blue chain think tank for the policy aspects since 6 o’clock today.
The market’s emotional acceptance, digestion, and release from the “turning point” requires transmission as well as the long-tail effect. The market may modification as early as tomorrow evening and evening trading. That is based on the market’s personal adjustment needs, the necessity to modification hands, and the true meaning from the “switching point” described in this specific article for the electronic currency market itself.
Postscript: After the introduction of major guidelines, follow-ups will most likely launch interpretations from all sides for guidance.

Lanlian think tank modified the focus of recent content production. Digital currency market evaluation will account for 40%, and plan and FinTech research will account for 60%.


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